Uniting Our Nation's Heroes with Our Nation's Future, and Strengthening Our Communities Along the Way

Bright Star was founded in 2008 with one mandate: put Veterans into careers in forward-looking areas (like technology), working on Bright Star projects for federal, state, county and local government. Forty (40) homeless Veterans living at the Lyons Homeless Shelter in Lyons (Basking Ridge), New Jersey became Bright Star's first warriors.


The Bright Star culture builds trust in teamwork.  Comradery and compassion, partnered with a drive to triumph, are the unique characteristics that make Bright Star successful. 

Bright Star is a non-profit, social enterprise that provides cloud-based scalable services and solutions for large and small government agencies. All services are carried out by our team of United States Veterans from the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. We are on GSA Schedule 36, contract number GS-03F-0149Y and on New Jersey State Contract number 89099-T1818.


Upgrade Government

Bright Star helps customers upgrade what they do and how they do it using cloud-based solutions and services. Bright Star and its warriors pinpoint obstacles and create do-able plans that achieve results. We know how government works and we create and implement strategies for success. 

Deliver Careers for Veterans

Bright Star was founded on a passion to put military veterans into long-term, forward-thinking careers (not pushing a mop or sitting in a security booth).  Successful career paths for these heroes, many of whom return to unstable financial situations, are critical to their future. We are devoted to making sure veterans have opportunities to make their future what they want it to be.

Bright Star was founded on a passion to put military Veterans into long-term, promising careers (not pushing a mop or sitting in a security booth).  Successful career paths for these heroes, many of whom return to unstable financial situations, are critical to their future. 

Strengthen Communities

Bright Star unites our nations heroes with our nation’s future, and strengthens communities along the way. The Bright Star approach bridges the success of our customers with the success of our veteran team. 





We are a mission-driven non-profit with a vision of improving federal, state and local government while opening up opportunities for Veterans to build successful futures. Our warriors received the best training by the most powerful military in the world...the United States Armed Forces. They know how to get things done and they know how to deliver. 

Bright Star's solutions and services are designed for scalability and flexibility to improve proficiency and the security of government operations without the weighty sacrifices often made when streamlining any aspect daily functions. Most importantly, our team of Veterans is unlike any team you've worked with before:  our staff is devoted to each project, and is committed with a uniquely solid work ethic. Each carries a personal dedication to the success of our customers and to the success of their team.


We are a mission-driven nonprofit with a vision of improving our communities.

When you do business with Bright Star, you give heroes careers.

We understand the complex

and unique processes of government. Our team of Veterans know how to deliver.




Bright Star

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