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Upgrading to today's efficient, cost-saving solutions can be disruptive, unpleasant and overwhelming. Bright Star makes it easy. We use step-by-step best practices deployed by trained American veterans. Our team prioritizes your critical needs, identifies obstacles and creates a manageable plan for improvement. Our hands-on team works with you from first contact, pilot scoping, end-user training to final deployment.  We know how government works and we know how to create an achievable strategy for success. 




Bright Star BMS is a complete solution: a combination of people and technology which is tailored to meet your specific needs. We provide a secure, FedRAMP certified solution used by government teams to build and distribute agendas. We can also help increase your efficiency by managing the agenda process for agencies that don't have the staff to get it done. With BMS we not only deliver a trusted and secure, easy-to-use solution, we also deliver the human expertise to review agendas to ensure nothing is missing, and/or redact documents (for recusals) and more. Our team works with you to make sure agendas are complete and distributed on time.

With Bright Star BMS, prepare for faster and easier agenda creation and meeting preparation:

  • Security you can trust (FedRAMP Certified Cloud)

  • Advance meeting preparation

  • Committee and multi-board collaboration

  • Templating

  • Analytics and insights

  • Dynamic agendas

  • SharePoint integration

  • Microsoft Teams integration

  • Instant device sync

  • Notes and annotations




Give Your Staff the Tools to

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences


Imagine happier, stress-free customers and a staff better equipped to focus on addressing customer needs.  Now imagine that your customers can go where they want and do what they want while they wait. Imagine your customers are prepared and have all the documentation required to address their issues.  Cloud-based Flex Appointments and Virtual Queuing make all of that possible. The system also collects key analytics which give you full insight into your daily operations such as how many customer issues were resolved, how many walk-ins and reasons for the appointment, how long it took to service each customer, how many customers did each staff member see, and so on. Analytics give you the information with which to increase the accuracy of resource planning.  It enables you to easily and continuously make adjustments and improvements that save time and money, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Flex Appointment

Flex appointments increase efficiency, reduces wait times and drives up satisfaction throughout the entire process. Cloud-based appointment scheduling improves your customer and staff interactions, which increases productivity while reducing costs.  Our team of trained veterans guides you through every step of implementation and makes the transition easy and manageable. 

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Virtual Queuing

Virtual queueing allows your customers to easily sign up for your services online from any location, whether on their phone, computer or tablet.  They can even access the online system with a flip phone. When customers "queue up" (sign in and get online) they are given a personal wait-time forecast, while updates and alerts are continuously texted to them as they advance through the line. Accurate wait times keep them in the loop so they can stay productive while they wait.




A well-structured records management program for physical and electronic records is essential to compliance and reducing risk. In today’s constantly-changing environment and escalating quantities of records, it is critical that records life-cycles are accurately tracked from creation to destruction.

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Document Management

Bright Star helps you set up efficient and systematic control of your records. From creation and compliance, to final disposition, Bright Star gets you set up so you can quickly and easily access all information in your custody:

  • Establish an organizational structure for streamlining the life-cycle management of records.

  • Create strategies to migrate paper-driven processes to digital, resulting in simpler and more cost-effective processes, and a lot less paper.

  • Conduct a complete inventory of your records and determine retention dates.

  • Create and maintain records retention schedules to ensure compliance with regulating bodies such as NARA.

  • Develop appropriate security to protect records from damage, loss or unauthorized access.

  • Create policies and procedures for standardized records management in one department and location, or across multiple departments and locations. 

  • Set up auditing methodologies to ensure compliance with policies and procedures.

Document Scanning

Offering both on-site or off-site scanning, we tailor our services to meet your needs. We will ensure you can efficiently and accurately scan all needed records and other documents, whether right in your office environment or at our secure Bright Star scanning center:

On-Site Scanning

We will set up and staff an in-house scanning function. Whether you are a small or large agency, we can set up everything from the equipment to the staff.

Off-Site Secure Scanning 

We will pick up your records and bring them to our fully equipped, secure, high-volume scanning center to have each document scanned quickly and accurately. 


We can scan anything from 300 to 600 dpi (and in some cases higher), from small Post-It™ notes to large architectural drawings, from 100 pages to millions of pages. Our veterans are experts at document scanning and ensure that your documents are accurately secured, prepped, scanned and converted into electronic images in any format you need (PDF, TIFF, etc.). Index information is accurately entered, and a file exported into txt, xml, xlsx, mdb, accdb, etc.




We’re dedicated to providing you with skilled personnel that are well-matched to your specific needs, for both on-site and remote work environments. Whether you need talent on a temporary basis or full-time, we will help you find the right person for your team. Large projects or small, you need the right people to get the job done. Our team of trained veterans delivers high performance in:

  • Administrative

  • IT

  • Records management

  • Document scanning

  • Marketing

  • Database administration

  • Data entry




​Whether you are looking for a solution to a specific problem, you want to migrate to the cloud, or you want to implement a robust content management system, Bright Star guides you step-by-step.  We ensure that you are leveraging your capabilities, establishing realistic and achievable goals while introducing new technologies. Bright Star and its partners offer small to large solutions, from ECM and other solutions to one-off repositories.  Bright Star’s team works with you to create a strategy that fits your needs and will take you to the next step as you journey to new technologies.



Our employees have been trained by the best: the United States Military Services. They have a well-honed understanding of how to improve efficiency, output and productivity, while reducing costs. We will deploy your solution with confidence and precision.


Government agencies are our number one customer and priority. With vast experience in internal government processes, we have become experts in how government operates and where their priorities lie. Bright Star upgrades government using practical, proven tools.


We scale quickly and easily to adapt to any project size, and all customer needs. We’ve managed projects for large, multi-state

agencies to small communities with very specific needs. You can trust us to properly define, document and manage your project to ensure it adheres to your timeline and budget.


When you do business with Bright Star, you put veterans in your community to work in forward-looking careers. Many veterans return home to various challenges, especially financial. These heroes need our help and by working with Bright Star, you give them opportunities to build their future. 

Let us take you through a complimentary demo and learn why Bright Star is trusted by so many government customers.