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  • Dorothy Nicholson

Honoring US Veterans with our new logo

If you’ve worked with our team before, you know that we take great pride in the hard work our employees deploy for each project. The unique difference with our team is that Bright Star is made up of 85-90% active duty and veteran military personnel.

How does this carry over to our work with the U.S. government? To put it simply, each initiative is mission critical for our team. Ensuring that our government customers operate with the utmost efficiency is what our employees have been trained for in their military careers.

Bright Star's new logo

Honoring the power of their dedication, we wanted to symbolize the devotion of our veteran staff through our brand. Our new logo is marked by the colors of our country: red, white and

blue. At the heart of our new look, the bold red star stands tall and impenetrable, mirroring the strength of our country united. The star is shielded and secured by a traditional ribbon representing our unwavering support for our troops, as they are the lifeblood of our company and the protection of our country.

The Bright Star mission is to put veterans into promising careers at Bright Star working on projects that advance governments ability to support citizens. Our branding represents both our commitment to veterans, and our commitment to strengthening government's ability to deliver.

Learn more about how our Bright Star Warriors drive the success of our work with local and federal government teams.

Interested in joining the Bright Star team? Email for more information.



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