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We Do 5 Things All of Which Put Military Veterans Into Careers

For over 13 years Bright Star "warriors" have introduced effective, cost-saving technology solutions and services at the federal, state, county and local government level. We put veterans in your community onto your projects so you know that you are giving back to your own community and helping your veterans succeed.

Board Meeting Services (BMS) is a complete agenda/meeting management solution...a combination of people, technology and security that you can trust. Whether your preparing an agenda with 10 pages or 50,000 pages, BMS makes this process easier and faster.

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Bright Star "warriors" convert your documents, consolidate databases, help organize records and eliminate paper from your processes reducing costs and increasing productivity.

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Queue management has become a critical tool to protecting against the spread of Covid.  It eliminates long in-person wait lines, reduces customer complaints, boosts staff productivity, and delivers valuable insights with reporting and tracking. Instead of crowding your lobby or waiting room, now your customers can check in remotely and wait where they want.

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As a result of their outstanding achievements serving in the US Armed Services our team of experts have become of men and women who know what it means to serve. They have been trained in administrative support, records management, and technology (Microsoft 365, IT infrastructure, cybersecurity and more).

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Whether you are storing information on site on your local server, or looking to migrate to the cloud, Bright Star’s team will work with you to create a strategy that fits your needs and will take you to the next step.


Uniting Our Nation's Heroes with Our Nation's Future, and Strengthening Our Communities Along the Way

Powered by American Military Veterans

Bright Star's highest priority is supporting the talented, military Veterans that have bravely fought for our country.  They make up between 85% and 90% of our staff and they are from every branch of the military. Government agencies large and small across the U.S. have upgraded the way they do things thanks to our trained Veteran "warriors." With your help, we give them opportunities for success...opportunities that will ensure they are prosperous in long-term careers. 

You can give Veterans possibilities to build good lives with dignity, honor and hope. Call us today.

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Ten (10) years in the United States Marines.  Platoon Sergeant in charge of Intelligence and Detainee Processing during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Jay Haidera, United States Marines