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Same reliable team, brand new look

New Logo
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Our New Logo

Our passion is to put veterans into promising careers at Bright Star working on projects that advance governments ability to support citizens. Our new logo is marked by the colors of our country: red, white and blue. Our branding represents both our commitment to veterans (85 to 90% of our team), and our commitment to strengthening government's ability to deliver.

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Our New Website

We have launched a brand new website, consistent with our updated branding and the journey of Bright Star. You'll see similar updates across all Bright Star communications over the coming weeks, ensuring consistency and quality in all that we do. Our new site features our 5 solutions, veteran stories, customer success stories and more.

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Our Mission

While serving the government sector for over a decade, our mission has remained the same: upgrade and advance government's ability to deliver services to its citizens, provide futures for veterans, and strengthen communities. We empower our customers with secure and scalable solutions while giving American military veterans successful, forward-looking careers.


Our Rebrand Story

In 2008, Bright Star started with 40 homeless veterans and trained them to help government revitalize and expand its ability to deliver results while, at the same time, securing advantageous careers for American military veterans. Since then we have forwarded our mission and linked our promise to help government succeed with our commitment to help veterans succeed so they can make their futures what they want them to be. Given the historical times America is experiencing, we decided to clarify who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Our vision remains strong:  unite our nation's heroes with our nation's future, and strengthen our communities along the way.

A Message From Our President

The past year has changed the business world and has challenged all of us as Americans like never before. In the middle of the pandemic, we decided to rebrand to reflect the new world in which we find ourselves.  It was time to clearly define who we are, what we do, and communicate the undeniable impact of uniting our nation's heroes with improving government's ability to meets its customers needs, resulting in more fortified communities.


Bright Star continues to fight to make sure our veterans are safe and can continue to forge ahead and succeed.  Our rebranding is a confirmation of our commitment to our warriors and to our government customers to help them restore and revitalize functionality so they can get back to helping their customers thrive. 

We want to be our best, seek the best outcomes by the best means, and bring to light the best opportunities to make a stronger, more robust society.


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Dorothy Nicholson


#TheFutureisBright with Bright Star

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